Are there Rarities?

Absolutely! Not only is every single Reactor as unique as the crystal inside it, each element used to create it has its own rarities. These will be listed at the time of sale.

Are there Additional Traits?

Yep! Since your Reactor is what generates your car, it also contains the starting Traits of your car that let you know it’s starting Acceleration, Top Speed, Boost and more. As you win in the Reactor Raceway, you earn both Reactons and increase the traits of your car as your levels increase.

What are the Benefits of Owning More than One?

Each Tournament raceway has differing features from straightaways, to heavy curves, long endurance races and short sprints. Having a variety of cars on your team will help you compete and increase your chances of winning more tournaments!

Any Plans for getting on other Metaverses like Sandbox or Decentraland?

We are in active conversations about adding raceways to other Metaverses to allow you to race your Reactor Cars in multiple areas. We will keep you posted.

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